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Preparing and filing returns from multiple income streams that often associated with YouTubers. This includes advertising, royalties, and affiliate revenue. Our team ensures your are compliant with the necessary professional bodies and pay the right amount of tax.

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    Tailored Accounting For YouTubers

    We understand that YouTubers can have various streams of income, all from the same platform. This can complicate matters and prove difficult to navigate when it comes to preparing your returns, especially if you're unsure on what expenses you can claim for. As you had additional income streams and may collect revenue from sources that are different to every other YouTuber and content creator, it is important that we sit down with your business so we can understand how it operates. This provides us with the unique opportunity to tailor our services around what you need, so you're not overpaying for services and getting exactly what's required, not just to keep you compliant, but to help you grow your channel and business.

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    Just fill in your details to the side, making sure to include your contact info, and one of our senior accountants will be in touch to arrange your free consultation! You’ll be able to discuss any queries or questions you have, whilst giving our team the opportunity to understand your business and how we can help.

      YouTube Accounting Benefits

      Peace Of Mind

      The best part about having an accountant that's got your back, is the peace of mind it comes with. Our team will offer your small business additional advice and support, help you grow and plan for your future, and make sure your compliant with professional bodies, but none of that compares to the relief of financial burden. Our dedicated YouTube accountants will help your business in every aspect of its financial obligations, from summarising records and claiming necessary expenses to filing your returns efficiently and timely.

      Digital Compliance

      Depending on how your business is structured and what obligations are required of you, it is likely that you will need to record and submit returns in digital format, using making tax digital (MTD) compliant software. Running solo means this often comes as a costly expense. Our accountants for YouTubers have access to secure, and digital compliant software that we can use to store, record, and submit your information. One less thing for you to worry about.

      Help Plan For The Future

      Most YouTubers and content creators start their channel as a hobby which later progresses into a full time business. Once that's the case, you will need to make sure you're meeting your tax obligations. Our team will not just keep you compliant, but will also put our unique set of skills, expertise, and experience to the test, helping you grow your YouTube channel in terms of financials and positive cashflow. Planning your tax affairs in an efficient manner, is the best way for you to grow strategically and efficiently. This means analysing the right structure for your business , setting up a pension scheme, and so much more.

      Support And Advice

      You run a YouTube channel and you're good at it, that's why you're here. But what we're good at is helping business stay compliant, pay the right tax, and grow their business along the way. Our dedicated accountants for YouTubers can help provide your business with the additional support and advice it needs. Whether your in the middle of a transition, making a difficult decision, or just unsure on how to plan for your future, we can help bring clarity to these confusing times. Ensuring your business is on track and has good report with professional bodies.

      What expenses can a YouTuber claim?

      When it comes to being a YouTuber, content creator, or social influencer it's a hugely varied term. There are many avenues and types of channels you could become. Depending on the nature of your channel, and how you are structured, there could be a number of items you could claim for. It is best you see a specialist YouTube accountant before making any decisions to be as tax efficient as possible, but typically, here are some of the expenses you may be able to claim as a YouTuber.
      1. Marketing & advertising costs
      2. Computer equipment
      3. Clothing
      4. Recording equipment
      5. Music and channel audio
      6. Accommodation
      7. Travel expenses
      8. Agent fees
      9. Blogging equipment such as cameras and laptops
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      Accurate & Concise Records

      Our services can help alleviate you of the burden of financial record keeping. JMC has a deep understand of how best to keep records, what format they should be kept in, and what information needs to be recorded. This information is then all entered on our secure system where you can request access at any time. We will provide you with reports of transactions, creditors, and debtors, so you have a clear overview of your position. As our records are kept on a secure digital server, you can rest assured that they are in safe hands, and will be stored for as long as necessary.


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          What Do Accountants For YouTubers Do?

          Depending on how your business is structured and operating, you will be required by law to meet certain obligations on a periodic basis. This may include the following:

          1. Preparation and submission of a self-assessment tax return
          2. Preparation of bookkeeping records
          3. Evaluating your financial position
          4. Planning for tax and growth opportunities
          5. Expert advice and support.
          6. Support through difficult business decisions

          There are various services an accountant could offer your YouTube business, but to see which are suitable for you, and to make sure you have a tailored plan, it’s best to sit down with your accountant and talk things through.

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          Free Consultation

          Allowing us to take care of the financial side of your business will free up hours of your time to focus on doing what you love. We can take care of the whole process from listing supplier and customer invoices to bank reconciliations and regulatory returns. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.

          Our years of experience and highly trained team will ensure that you receive excellent services from us and all returns are taken care of in a highly effective manner. We will process your returns on time, every time and guarantee that your records are kept safe and in order on our secure system.

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            Our business prides itself on customer satisfaction and is proud of the reputation we have built over the last 35 years. Here you can see what some of our clients say about us and how they rated their experience.
            Stories By Lilly
            Stories By Lilly
            Toni and the team at JMC are always on hand when you need something. They are professional, timely and knowledgeable. I would, and do recommend them at any time.
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            Mike Eccleshall
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            Kath Cartwright
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