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Limited Company Hub

Limited Company Resource Hub

Whether you’re thinking about setting up a limited company or you already run one, this complete limited company hub will provide you with all the information you need to successfully operate your business, maximise profit, and plan for growth.

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Limited Company Fundamentals
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What's Inside

Learn the operations of a limited company, why it may be beneficial to operate as this structure, how to set one up, and more.

Annual Accounts
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What's Inside

Understand the obligation of producing an annual set of accounts for HMRC and Companies House. You’ll learn how what’s involved, how to file, what penalties there are, and more.

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Learn what a confirmation statement is and why a limited company must produce one each year. Understand its process, penalties involved, and more.

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Corporation Tax
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Learn the basics of corporation tax and how it can affect the profits in your business. You’ll begin to understand its complex nature and how it is calulcated within your limited companies financials.

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Paying Yourself
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Learn how to pay yourself from a limited company such as taking dividends, setting up a payroll scheme, and more.

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Learn the ins and outs of producing and filing a self-assessment tax return.

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