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Limited Company Accountant

Assessing your business to understand the way it operates, and if you can benefit from our limited company accounting services.

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Limited Company Accountant

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Accountancy For Limited Companies

Operating as a limited company opens up access to a variety of different tax elements and strategies which a limited company accountant can take advantage of. It also provides your business with a limited liability status that protects its directors. All liabilities are that of the companies and not directors or shareholders. There are many advantages and disadvantages of operating as a limited company, as there are with any legal entity, and what you decide to structure your business as will largely depend on its operations.

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Why Do I Need an Accountant for a Limited Company?

Choosing which legal entity your business operates as-is no easy decision. There are many advantages and disadvantages to almost any route your business takes, which is why it's important for a limited company accountant to run an assessment of your business to determine which course of action will benefit your business and its growth the most.

A Limited Company often comes with a large amount of responsibility, including marketing, client management, payroll duties and, most importantly, managing your finances. You'll also need to prepare tax returns and file annual accounts. Working with a limited company accountant will mean you get the most out of your business without having to worry about compliance. As with any legal requirement or obligation, there are a plethora of ever-changing regulations that you need to keep up to date with to ensure your limited company is maximising its possibility of tax reduction.

At JMC accountants, we have over 35 years of experience working with limited companies all across the country, providing us with valuable knowledge on the legal entity. Whether you're just starting up or you're already a fully established business, we can help walk you through your options and discuss what's best for your business. Every service we offer is completely tailored to our clients' needs. We never charge for services you don't need and always have your best interests at heart.

Limited Liability

Established Status

Tax Efficiency

Accounting Services for Limited Companies

We offer a wide range of accounting and tax services for Limited Companies to help Directors and Shareholders get the most our of their business. More services

Small Business Payroll

Ensuring necessary deductions are being taken and reported to HMRC.


Writing up your books to produce returns and review your financial position.

Corporation Tax

Ensuring your Limited Company complies with regulations and pays tax on its profits.

Accounting Software for Limited Companies

At JMC we offer setup on our limited company accounting software as part of our tailored services. This fully compliant software will help support your bookkeeping, management accountants, and even payroll services to ensure you are keeping up to date with legislation and being as tax efficient as possible.

You will have full access to your software backups when required so you can keep an eye on your books. We will also provide you with any necessary reports regularly. Our software is MTD ready if your limited company is VAT registered, allowing us to submit prepared VAT returns and avoid unnecessary penalties.
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Choosing the right path

As we mentioned above, choosing the right legal entity for your business is not an easy decision by any means. While it can be beneficial for one business, it can be the complete opposite for another. We love to sit down with all of our clients in their initial free consultation to get to know how it operates. You'll sit down with one our expert limited company accountants for a free 30 minutes. The more we know and understand about your business the more informed decisions we can make, providing your business with the most tax-efficient route setting up, planning and strategizing.

Can I Do Limited Company Accounts Myself?

You can choose to do your own limited company accounts if you wish. A basic understanding of accounting and technical skills may be required, however. It's also important to remember what it really means to "file" a set of accounts. Sure you can do them yourselves, but are they tax efficient? Do you know what expenses you can claim back, what allowances and rates you're entitled to? It can make a big difference to your cash flow if you have a professional-looking over your books and making sure you're getting the most out of them.
Payroll Services for Limited Companies

Reporting necessary deductions and information to HMRC.

Benefits of a Limited Company Accountant

Claim Expenses

A good accountant can assess your business and understand what expenses you can claim. A limited company gives you a wider range of expenses to capitalize on, which our team knows inside and out.

Limited Liability

When operating as a limited company your business has limited liability. This means any debt or risk that the business takes on, is that of the business's and not the responsibility of the directors or shareholders; which in turn protects their personal assets


A limited company often gives suppliers and customers a higher sense of credibility from your business. It fills them with more confidence and helps when dealing with suppliers and managing investments.

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