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Capital Gains Tax Accountant

Experienced Capital Gains Tax accountants calculating your liability, helping to reduce it where possible, and supporting you through a variety of issues where gains have been made from the disposal of an asset.

Helping you navigate the complexity of Capital Gains Tax

Capitals Gains Tax can be difficult to navigate when it comes to the disposal of a businesses; or individuals, assets. Typically these assets are investments such as property, or stocks and bonds. There is a range of reliefs and exemptions in regards to GCT that can utilised to reduce your liability, however, without proper knowledge on the subject, it is hard to understand which of these exemptions you are allowed to claim. You will also get a free allowance each year that can be used against your liability.
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What is it

What is Capital Gains Tax?

Capital Gains Tax is a tax levied on the disposal of an asset that has increased in value since its purchase. These assets are typically property, stocks, bonds, or even cryptocurrency.

Capital Gains Tax is calculated only on the gain from the disposal not the whole value of the asset.

The tax can also be triggered in various scenarios in addition to selling an asset. For example, you may be liable for Capital Gains Tax on the gifting of an asset, or selling one that has been gifted to you.

There are various exemptions and reliefs available to reduce your liability depending on the situation and individual circumstances. These can be quite difficult to navigate and are often best left to be calculated by a Capital Gains Tax accountant.


Landlords & Property Investors

CGT On Disposal
Landlords and property investors must file and pay their Capital Gains Tax liability once a property has been sold. There are a variety of reliefs and exemptions available for property owners to reduce the amount of tax payable where possible. A Capital Gains Tax accountant will be able to help you navigate the complex rules and regulations to minimise your liability and avoid unnecessary penalties and fines.
Overseas Property
If you are a UK resident and have sold property abroad then special rules will apply. This can be quite a difficult area of regulation to understand and different rules will apply in regards to claiming reliefs and exemptions.
Capital Gains Losses
If you have made a loss on the disposal of your property you will be able to report this amount to HMRC which in turn, will reduce your total liability. If no other gains have been made during the financial year, you may also be able to carry forward this loss into future tax years to reduce further liabilities.
60 Day Filing
HMRC have issued a deadline for individuals who have sold a residential property that isn't they main home. Capital Gains Tax must be calculated, filed, and paid within 60 days from the date of completion. Failure to comply with this legislation will result in penalties for late filing and interest on any unpaid Capital Gains Tax.

Capital Gains Tax for Individuals

Individuals can also be liable for Capital Gains Tax in addition to businesses. A person may be subject to this on the sale of disposal of personal assets or buy-to-let properties.

For example, if you are a self-employed landlord, you may need to pay CGT on the sale of a property. This will also need to be detailed on your Self-Assessment Tax Return.

If you are reporting the sale of a rental property, this must be done within 30 days of completion to avoid any late filing penalties and interest.

The rate of CGT applicable is dependent on the taxable income you have received throughout the tax year. It is important to talk things through with a professional so you can ensure proper tax planning has been carried out to maximise your cash flow and reduce your liability where possible.

Capital Gains Tax for Businesses

As a business, it can be quite common to dispose of assets throughout the year depending on the line of work you’re in. Some businesses, for example, may need to dispose of fixtures and fittings or plant and machinery.

CGT will also be applicable if the company has made investments, just as an individual might. This can be any land and properties or any stocks and shares brought in the company name.

Without proper tax planning, you could be left with a substantial tax bill. It is crucial that you consult any disposals before they happen so that you can discuss claiming any reliefs and exemptions your business may be entitled to throughout the year.

Rates of Capital Gains Tax

Depending on your tax bracket, and the type of asset that is being disposed of, different rates of Capital Gains apply. You can see a breakdown of each individual asset and its corresponding bracket below:


Basic Rate: 18% Higher Rate: 28%

Stocks & Shares

Basic Rate: 10% Higher Rate: 20%


Basic Rate: 10% Higher Rate: 20%

Other Assets

Basic Rate: 10% Higher Rate: 20%

Tax Allowance

Each year you have a Capital Gains Tax allowance that provides you with a set amount of free pay. You will only need to pay CGT on gains above this tax free allowance. The figure for this exemption typically changes each year so it is important to keep an eye on the figure announced by HMRC.

For the tax year of 2022/23 the Capital Gains Tax allowance is set at £12,300; or £6,150 for trusts.

Stocks & Shares

Unless your stocks and shares are subject to special circumstances, you may have to pay Capital Gains Tax when selling these shares.

Depending on your tax bracket, these may be subject to either 10% or 20%.


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