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Experts in VAT & HMRC Resolution

VAT Accountant

A VAT accountant that maximises your profit by identifying opportunities and relieves the burden of financial responsibility

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VAT Return Services

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VAT Services for UK Businesses

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a intricet tax that affects all business and industries across the country. It is a transactional tax that you are responsible for paying over to HMRC at regular intervals. Keeping up to date with the ever-changing regulations is a challenge in itself, so it is important for all business to know what the rules are and how your VAT return can be completed in an efficient manner.

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We offer new clients a free consultation to discuss any tax matters they're concerned about. We'll see how we can help your business and potentially save you tax. Complete with no obligations, just in case it's not for you.

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    Benefits of Having a VAT Accountant

    A VAT accountant can help relieve the burden and stress of completing a VAT return to maximise your profitability and cash flow. We provide a clear and jargon-free approach that will identify opportunities and advise on the correct and beneficial actions to augment the day to day running of your business.


    We understand that every business is unique. So it's important for us to not take a one size fits all approach, but instead, sit down and analyse your business.


    You can trust JMC to work as hard as we can to maximise your growth potential and file your VAT return in a timely manner.


    Our practice has over 35 years of experience and has provided VAT return services to hundreds of clients. We have unique and extensive knowledge, not just from our team, but from working through complex returns.


    Our years of experience allow us to navigate even the complex issues a business can face when completing their VAT return.

    What's Included In Our VAT Return Services

    We can help register your business for VAT and any other VAT related compliance. Having carried out the registration procedure for numerous amounts of clients we can complete the process in a quick and efficient manner. If you are required to register for VAT, or we believe that voluntary registration would be beneficial to your business, we will discuss your options and let you know how the process will work, and what you will be required to do in your day to day running to stay compliant.

    Not every business understands the procedure of VAT, which is why we will always make sure you are clear on what you need to do. As part of our VAT return services, we will provide quality advice to ensure your business stays healthy. A regular review will be carried out whilst we are working on your VAT, which enables us to analyse your transactions and provide advice on any changes you need to make or that may be beneficial to your business. We will also ensure the correct rules are being applied and any opportunities are presented to you.

    Becoming a client is more than just letting us have your books to file. We take pride in helping our clients grow their business and constantly monitor your transactions and let you know if we think there’s a better route available. It’s important to us that your VAT returns are filed correctly and completed with the utmost accuracy. We will also ensure your books are in order, to deal with any disputes or audits from the revenue.

    As a VAT accountant, we offer multiple services for our clients, such as VAT registration, HMRC investigation resolution and VAT planning.

    Not always by fault of their own, businesses are targeted by HMRC and pulled into a dispute. Sometimes this may be an error on their part, other times it may be justified.

    Having produced VAT returns for over 35 years JMC is accustomed to such challenges. We can help your business demonstrate and produce any information that HMRC require to resolve the issue. Our extensive experience and VAT knowledge means we know exactly how to comply with HMRC’s requests. We will ensure the matter is concluded as quickly as possible and all requests are met clearly. 

    All VAT-registered businesses are required to complete a VAT return on a periodic basis. This is generally carried out on a quarterly basis. This will show how much VAT needs to be paid over to HMRC, or, if relevant, how much will be refunded. A VAT accountant will make sure this is completed on time every period.

    As you may already know, the VAT system is extremely complicated and can present a range of challenges along the way. If you’re not qualified in the world of accounting, it is often a daunting experience than can lead to paying a higher figure than you expected on your VAT return.

    Having a VAT accountant on your side will make sure that any regulatory compliance, such as Making Tax Digital or VAT registration, is met with extreme accuracy.

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