David Thompson

Senior Accountant

David joined our team in July 2004.He had shown an interest in accountancy at an early age and took A level accounts after finishing his GCSE’s. After passing his A levels he decided to further his knowledge in accounts by taking the AAT qualification, which he completed and qualified in 2006.To enhance his taxation knowledge he continued with his education and qualified as a taxation technician in 2017.David has vast experience in dealing with pubs and clubs and especially where the VAT aspects of these businesses are complicated.

David also helps to service a wider range of clients. He is well informed when it comes to payroll matters, which these days, with auto enrolment and RTI being penalty driven, is more important than ever.

About David

David enjoys a healthy work/life balance and has an avid passion for the NBA. He also used to play basketball to a good standard until Aug 2016 and still enjoys playing Basketball socially from time to time.

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